Welcome to Workmat: Your sustainable work mat for a variety of projects - privately at home or professionally in the company.

  • Workmat is fast

    Your Workmat is easy to fold and store! For example, on the shelf or in the broom cupboard - and quickly to hand when you want to paint, repot or simply peel potatoes.

  • Workmat is flexible

    You can make your Workmat as big as you need it. Very small for small repairs on the kitchen table - or very large for renovating the
    Living room corner.

  • Workmat is sustainable

    Workmat is robust and durable and will stay by your side for a long time! And what if you really have to throw it away?
    Then just throw it in the recycling bin!

175 g/m² Kraftkarton, Vorderseite weiß / Rückseite braun ✓ Einfache Patentfaltung (Gebrauchsmusterschutz) ✓ Aus 100% nachhaltigem, nachwachsendem Kraftzellstoff ✓ Nach Gebrauch im Altpapier entsorgen Hergestellt in Deutschland Versandkostenfrei

Thats what our customers say

  • Impressive!

    “I purchased the Workmat for my home workshop and am impressed with its durability and strength, easily withstanding heavy tools and materials. Their lightweight design makes it easy to move and store, ideal for my limited work space.”

    – Stephan P.

  • Wickedly smart

    "As a professional crafter, I prefer this workmat because of its eco-friendly material and excellent surface protection. It is sturdy and flexible at the same time, protects my tables and folds away easily."

    – Jane K.

  • For children

    “I purchased this workmat for my children's art projects and it is sturdy enough to withstand their creative activities. Their ease of cleaning and affordability make them an ideal solution for families.”

    – Anne L.

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Workmat: For upgrading your projects.


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Recycling and disposal


An important aspect of the sustainability of these cardboard work mats is their disposal and recycling.

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For hobbyists

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