Nachhaltigkeit einer Workmat

Sustainability of a workmat

Made in Germany

Our Workmat, a product made in Germany, is an excellent example of sustainable product development. These work mats are manufactured under strict quality controls and in compliance with environmental standards. Using cardboard as the main material makes these mats not only durable and sturdy, but also environmentally friendly. Cardboard is a renewable raw material obtained from wood, a material that is abundant in Germany.

Recycling and disposal

Another important aspect of the sustainability of these cardboard work mats is their disposal and recycling. Cardboard is a material that can be easily recycled. After use, the mats can simply be placed in the paper bin. They are then collected and recycled in dedicated facilities where they are made into new cardboard. This process not only reduces waste, but also saves valuable resources. In this way, the cardboard work mats help close the sustainability cycle.

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